Mosto Oro (Capacità: 750 ml)

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Mosto Oro" - produced from the finest "Taggiasca" olives -  is the pride of the Calvi company.

20.00 *
1000 ml = 26.67 €
Delivery weight: 1,125 g

Organic Taggiasca Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Capacità: 500 ml)

This extra virgin olive oil is a real treat, made exclusively from Taggiasca olives, in extremely small quantities.

A tasty, sweet oil with a full, harmonious flavour. Ideal for dressing salads, delicate dishes or fish.

13.86 *
1000 ml = 27.72 €
Delivery weight: 900 g

Cultivar Oliva Taggiasca in 3 liters can (Capacità: 3 lt)

All the unrivaled sweetness, perfume and taste of the Taggiasca olive in the more convenient 3 liter can


54.00 *
1000 ml = 18.00 €
Delivery weight: 2,950 g

Taggiasca olives in brine (Capacità: 200 g)

  The Taggiasca olive differs from any other olive for its rich flavour, its pleasant slightly bitter aftertaste and for its particularly tender and thin skin.

3.99 *
1000 g = 19.95 €
Delivery weight: 560 g

Pesto di Basilico Genovese dop (Capacità: 180 g)

  Exceptional for dressing pastaCalvi Pesto has an intense green colour and is characterized by a fresh and delicate taste

4.93 *
1000 g = 27.39 €
Delivery weight: 330 g

Taggiasca olives without stone in extra virgin olive oil (Capacità: 180 g)

The Taggiasca Olives without stones in Extra Virgin are a real speciality: despite being quite small, are very tender and offer an extraordinary flavour.

4.68 *
1000 g = 26.00 €
Delivery weight: 330 g
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